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How to buy and sell photos?
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Brief description and quick setup. Detailed description on the How it works page

Brief description and setup

Ethereum – Level 1 blockchain

Immutable X – Level 2 blockchain

  1. To buy and sell photos you need a wallet for Ethereum cryptocurrency – Metamask. This is an extension for browsers Firefox, Brave, Edge, Chrome which you can install at this link
  2. After installation, you need to register and create an account for Ethereum cryptocurrency. For a detailed step-by-step instruction please read this guide
  3. IMPORTANT: When you create your wallet, you will be asked to write down a 12-word phrase. Save this information securely and never share it with anyone else. This is the same like your PRIVATE KEY from Metamask Wallet. Disclosing this information will result in the loss of all your assets

    If you lose this phrase, you will not be able to recover access to your wallet and your assets will be lost forever. Nobody and nowhere saves information about access to your funds and assets, so nobody will be able to restore access to your wallet if you forget your password and lose your recovery phrase

    Once you've set up your wallet and created an account, you can connect to the site using the Connect Wallet button in the upper right corner of the site. To make any operations your wallet must be connected to the site

    When you connect for the very first time, Immutable will automatically register you in the system and create a unique key for you. It will be done automatically, you must follow the instructions and sign requests from Immutable. You will sign such requests every time you make transactions with the blockchain

How to buy a photo?

  1. Connect to the site using your Metamask Wallet
  2. In the upper right corner instead of the Connect Wallet button, your wallet number will appear and when you hover over it, a balance window will pop up with Withdraw and Deposit fields. Enter the amount you want and deposit your Immutable X account to buy the photo
  3. Select the photo, click Buy now button in the Buy photo box
  4. If the author has not offered the photo for sale, you will see an offer box instead of a buy one. You can make an offer to the author to buy the photo. Enter the amount for which you would buy the photo and press Make offer
  5. The author will discover your interest and consider listing the photo for sale
  6. Your offer does not obligate you to anything and is just an expression of interest in buying the photo and encouraging the author to list it for sale
  7. After the purchase you will be able to use the photo within the specified license.
  8. You will also be able to see your asset, and confirm your right to use it on the Asset Ownership page

How to sell photos?

  1. Connect to the site with your Metamask wallet
  2. On your personal info page, enter your wallet address
  3. If you're already connected, press GET, and your address will be filled in automatically. Make sure that you save your wallet address to be able to receive payments to it

    When you add a photo to the site you have a choice of 2 options. Add photo to the Gallery or to the Marketplace

    Gallery is a standard placement of your photos to get recommendations and comments. Photos added to the gallery are visible to your subscribers, in the site gallery and in feeds. Photos from the gallery can also be listed for sale. In other words, you can participate in the life of the community as usual, plus you can list some photos for sale. Adding photos to the gallery is limited by your account. For more options you have to upgrade your account

    Marketplace is for uploading photos for sale only. Marketplace photos are searchable and viewable only in the Marketplace section, as well as in the profiles of authors in the For sale – Marketplace section. You can add photos to the Marketplace without limitations. But they must be approved before you can list them for sale. Be ready to verify authorship of the photos you've added on request of administration

    On the My photos page you can see 2 tabs Gallery photos and Marketplace photos, where you can view, edit or delete your photos

    When adding a work to the site you can enter the price, license type, link to the full size file and upload a model release if needed. For works already added, you can enter these details when editing the work

  4. After adding your work on the My photos page, you will see 2 buttons under each work. Mint photo and List for sale
  5. Press Mint photo – to save your work in the blockchain and wait till it is displayed as Minted
  6. Then press List for sale – follow the instructions and confirm the sale at the indicated price and sign the decision with your Metamask wallet. If everything is done successfully you will see the status – Listed
  7. Your photo is available for purchase
  8. After the buyer pays for the photo, you will automatically receive an amount in your Immutable wallet, and this amount will be reflected in your balance, which you can see in the dropdown balance box when you hover over your wallet number in the upper right corner
  9. Before you can use the funds, they need to be withdrawn to the Ethereum network
  10. The balance drop-down window has fields for depositing and withdrawing funds. Enter the desired amount and click Withdraw. Wait until the amount appears in Waiting... and then in Available for withdrawal and finish the withdrawal by clicking Finish withdrawal
  11. You are now the owner of Ethereum cryptocurrency, which you can spend on anything you want

Post only questions related to the subject. Marketplace discussion here

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Paul Avenant 0.3419 October 2021 07:28
New in finding my way ...
Interface hints

Next photo — left click on the photo
Previous photo — left click on the arrow on the top left (if available)

Close preview — left or right click on the gray area or right click on the photo

Zoom IN — move the cursor over the photo and scroll up
Zoom OUT — move the cursor over the photo and scroll down

Close zoom mode — right click anywhere
Buy photo
Price USD
+7% Fees
Size (px)

Creator address
This photo is NOT listed for sale, but you can make an offer
Let the author know about your interest to this photo, and encourage him to mint it and list for sale. Also, the offer is not an obligation
Your wallet should be connected to make an offer
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