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How to Purchase and Sell Photos?
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    Short Overview and Swift Configuration

    For a comprehensive guide, refer to the detailed instructions on the How it Works page

    Ethereum – Utilized as a Level 1 blockchain

    Immutable X – Employed as a Level 2 blockchain

    1. To engage in the buying and selling of photos, it is essential to possess a wallet compatible with Ethereum cryptocurrency, such as Metamask. Metamask is an extension compatible with browsers like Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Chrome, accessible for installation via this link:
    2. Upon installation, the next step involves registering and establishing an account for Ethereum cryptocurrency. For a comprehensive, step-by-step guide, refer to this tutorial:
    3. IMPORTANT: During wallet creation, a 12-word phrase will be provided. Safeguard this information diligently and refrain from sharing it with others. This phrase serves as the equivalent of your PRIVATE KEY within the Metamask Wallet. Any disclosure of this data may lead to the irreversible loss of your assets

      Should you misplace this phrase, the retrieval of access to your wallet becomes impossible, resulting in the permanent loss of your assets. No entity stores information about your fund access, making it crucial to remember your password and safeguard your recovery phrase

      Once your wallet is configured and an account is established, connection to the site is facilitated through the " Connect Wallet" button located in the upper right corner. This connection is imperative for executing any operations on the site

      Upon your initial connection, Immutable will automatically register you within the system and generate a unique key. This process is automated, requiring your adherence to instructions and the signing of requests from Immutable during transactions with the block-chain

    How to Purchase a Photo?

    1. Connect to the site using your Metamask Wallet
    2. In the upper right corner, your wallet number replaces the Connect Wallet button. Hovering over it reveals a balance window with Withdraw and Deposit fields
    3. Enter the desired amount and deposit into your Immutable X account to purchase the photo
    4. Select the photo and click the "Buy now" button in the Buy photo box
    5. If the author has not listed the photo for sale, an offer box will appear. Make an offer by entering the amount and pressing "Make offer"
    6. Your offer expresses interest and encourages the author to list the photo for sale. It doesn't obligate you
    7. After the purchase, use the photo within the specified license. Confirm your right to use it on the Assets Ownership page

    How to Sell Photos?

    1. Connect to the site with your Metamask wallet
    2. On your personal info page, enter your wallet address. Press GET if already connected, and your address will auto-fill. Save your wallet address for receiving payments
    3. When adding a photo, choose between Gallery for recommendations and comments or Marketplace for selling
    4. Marketplace photos must be approved before listing. Be ready to verify authorship upon request
    5. On the My photos page, view, edit, or delete photos in Gallery or Marketplace tabs
    6. Add details such as price, license type, and link to the full-size file when adding or editing
    7. Under each work on the My photos page, find Mint photo and List for sale buttons
    8. Press Mint photo to save your work in the blockchain until it displays as Minted
    9. Press List for sale, follow instructions, confirm the sale with Metamask, and see the status as "Listed"
    10. After a buyer pays, you'll receive an amount in your Immutable X wallet, reflected in your balance
    11. Withdraw funds to the Ethereum network through the balance drop-down window
    12. Enter the desired amount, click Withdraw, wait for it to be Available for withdrawal, and finish by clicking Finish withdrawal
    13. Now, as the owner of Ethereum cryptocurrency, you can spend it as desired

Blog / Master
Pro AccountSep 15, 2021 02:23


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New in finding my way ...
Interface hints

Next photo — left click on the photo
Previous photo — left click on the arrow on the top left (if available)

Close preview — left or right click on the gray area or right click on the photo

Zoom IN — move the cursor over the photo and scroll up
Zoom OUT — move the cursor over the photo and scroll down

Close zoom mode — right click anywhere
Buy photo
Price USD
+7% Fees
Size (px)

Creator address
This photo is NOT listed for sale, but you can make an offer
Let the author know about your interest to this photo, and encourage him to mint it and list for sale. Also, the offer is not an obligation
Your wallet should be connected to make an offer
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