On the steep banks

On the steep banks / *****
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Vasiliy Jakushev 491.8019 June 2012 02:03
Andrefoto 102.6919 June 2012 02:08
Korol 65.8719 June 2012 02:34
Like it
Danny Vangenechten 153.1819 June 2012 02:48
Lovely picture! Super

Where is it?
This is Etretat in Normandy / France. A very popular and beautiful tourist place.
Backoa 53.0919 June 2012 03:09
Irina Furashova Pro Account329.7919 June 2012 05:35
Beautiful photo
Kanstantsin Markevich 262.6919 June 2012 05:48
Maksim Veize (Helloween) Pro Account970.3019 June 2012 17:36
Jakov Trembovolskiy Pro Account502.5421 June 2012 00:42
Danny, hope to come back to these places next year, thank you for the info. In previous years I've preferred to reach Belle-ile and stayed over there for at least a week.)
Slavik55 Premium Account341.6829 June 2012 05:01
Alexander Thalmann Premium Account70.0809 September 2019 16:30

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Jun 19, 2012 01:50
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