Light / Light rays in the Cantal mountains (France)
Light rays in the Cantal mountains (France)
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Slavik55 Premium Account341.6828 November 2016 09:33
Liked !
Danny Vangenechten 153.1828 November 2016 09:33
Slavik55, Many thanks!!!!!
Scorpio Pro Account1075.8828 November 2016 09:55
Well done! Beer
Ilona Kiriokatis 252.7728 November 2016 09:56
Danny Vangenechten 153.1829 November 2016 13:41
Olga Dan, Bargen,

 Super  Super  Super  Beer
Slava35 (Tamara) Pro Account713.6230 November 2016 09:18
Perfect shot!
Vladimir Klinton 216.8130 November 2016 10:55
Viktor Indjuhin 129.6230 November 2016 23:16
Alex Mimo 784.1104 December 2016 18:53
Gorgeous, as always!
Danny Vangenechten 153.1810 December 2016 04:18
Alex Mimo,

Thanks a lot for the nice compliment, Alex!  Super  Super
Ju-nona (Kudrina Tatiana) 52.9721 February 2017 07:13
I like the contrast between the foregrounnd & the background, and the way the background is thrown out of focus. Thus, the picture is enlightened in some misterious way.
Danny Vangenechten 153.1828 February 2017 05:23
ju-nona, Many thanks for your appreciation!  Photo

Nov 28, 2016 09:17
NIKON D750, 1/125 sec, F/7.1, 280mm, ISO 100, 04.11.2015
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