Light / Autumn morning in Cantal mountains
Autumn morning in Cantal mountains
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Alex Mimo 784.1121 April 2020 04:58
Gorgeous! You managed to catch a fantastic moment.
Vera Petri 481.3121 April 2020 05:31
Spectacular light!
Valeriy Grigorenko 100.9321 April 2020 05:31
----- Super
Slavik55 Premium Account341.6821 April 2020 09:15
wonderful light!
Danny Vangenechten 153.1821 April 2020 09:34
Alex MimoVera Petri, Valery Grigorenko, Ilona Kiriokatis, Slavik55,

Many thanks to you all!!!!!  Super  Super  Super
Valeriy Kozub 171.2321 April 2020 12:27
Altanets Andrei Pro Account485.6921 April 2020 12:36
Hi Danny, good to see you! Great shot!
Igor Khmelev 289.8221 April 2020 16:24
Beautiful autumn morning!
Danny Vangenechten 153.1828 April 2020 09:37
Valery Kozub, Altanets Andrey, Igor Khmelev,

Many thanks to you all! Much appreciated!!!!! Super  Super  Photo

Apr 21, 2020 04:25
NIKON D5500, 1/1250 sec, F/9.0, 175mm, ISO 100, 29.10.2019
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