At dawn

At dawn / ***
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Kishilov Valeriy 166.2514 October 2020 12:03
Successful composition! ...
G. Meremjanin 119.7614 October 2020 12:14
Sergei Kochnev 216.6114 October 2020 12:24
Picture .... very much!
Chumankina Tatiana 218.7014 October 2020 12:35
Very soulful!
Vera Petri 525.8914 October 2020 12:56
Great composition and colors are good!
Igor K. 67.9314 October 2020 12:58
Wonderful morning!
Valerija Strunnikova Plus Account464.4614 October 2020 14:42
Beautiful picture, full of delight !!! : super Eh, its a pity that the RIVERS are over, Ill bring it in tomorrow!  Super
Altanets Andrei Pro Account504.6115 October 2020 06:28
Beautiful place, great handling

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