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Alex_1955_boy Plus Account900.5329 October 2020 08:42
The pinkish color of the morning, turning into light gray, then into gray, the shore of a sandy hue - everything is harmoniously combined and causes peace!
Juriy Eber 158.9929 October 2020 10:05
Great! It looks like it was printed on metallic paper
Andrew Tench 19.3529 October 2020 11:07
Ma-a-n, you are unbelievable.
Alex M. 493.4029 October 2020 11:19
Very interesting job! Great, Sasha !!!
Valeriy Minnibaev 206.2729 October 2020 11:53
Awesome photo
Vjacheslav Jagodzinskiy 472.1529 October 2020 13:41
Beautiful and familiar places! There is a lot of nostalgia for them .... The view and the photo are excellent!
Marat Maks Plus Account324.7729 October 2020 14:31
Marina Mochalova 289.3929 October 2020 16:00
Very beautiful
Nikolai Kondakov 397.8504 November 2020 02:27
Juriy Muhanov 131.2007 November 2020 10:25
Very nice and pleasantly executed!

Oct 29, 2020 07:44
NIKON D850, 8 sec, F/14.0, 24mm, ISO 31, 14.10.2020, Lens: 24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8
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