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Slavik55 Premium Account341.6827 December 2020 08:41
Alex_1955_boy Plus Account865.6427 December 2020 08:42
The places are harsh, but the delicate colors of the photo smooth out this harshness! : super  Super
Vjacheslav Holzakov 124.2927 December 2020 08:56
Beautiful view
Rotfish 386.3627 December 2020 10:10
The seagull (?) Made an HMB shot!
Pixel Art 54.7427 December 2020 10:38
Aus dieses Pano-Foto ist gestalterisch und technisch für mich in jeder Beziehung phantastisch. Es gefällt mir sehr.
Antonov5454 123.6227 December 2020 12:47
like it so much
Nikolai Kondakov 384.0431 December 2020 01:38
Happy New Year, Alex !!! Health, prosperity, good mood, good luck in business and further creative success !!!
Vad36 25.6601 January 2020 04:20
Your works are mesmerizing !!!!!!
Olga Novikova 76.1503 January 2020 09:32
great shot

Dec 27, 2020 08:25
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