Horse Shoe Lake

Horse Shoe Lake / ***
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Chumankina Tatiana 199.2812 January 2021 08:02
Fascinating landscape!
Sergei Kochnev 207.1812 January 2021 08:08
it is splendid
Klara Leonenko 267.8112 January 2021 09:47
Alex M. 455.2512 January 2021 10:01
Great job !!! I wish you success in the future!
Valentin Bondarenko 285.4112 January 2021 10:45
Sergei Shabunevich 434.1312 January 2021 11:08
Vjacheslav Holzakov 124.2912 January 2021 12:00
Very beautiful
Sergey 109.9112 January 2021 12:24
As usual there is a lot to learn from your work. Bravo!
Vjacheslav Jagodzinskiy 445.1012 January 2021 12:30
Mountain-lake idyll!
Slavik55 Premium Account341.6813 January 2021 02:11
Alex_1955_boy Plus Account865.6413 January 2021 02:33
The work aroused delight!
Nikolai Kondakov 384.0413 January 2021 02:33
Pixel Art 54.7413 January 2021 05:07
Stille pur. Top !
No photos
Adel Ibragimof 0.0018 January 2021 05:42
just amazing!
Aleksander Solarski 42.0009 February 2021 14:19
You have many beautiful photos, but this image sets my eyesight on fire the most. Peaks in the fire of magical light and an elegant mirror of memories that fill me with joy. Thank you for such pictures, colors and inspirations. Keep it up, Alex!
Alex Mimo 784.1109 February 2021 14:52
Alex Sol, Thank you so much, Alex! I’m so glad that the picture happened to touch the strings of your emotion. That’s the best prize a photographer can achieve.
Jobove Reus 33.4113 February 2021 03:02
good photography congratulations

Jan 12, 2021 07:39
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