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Valentin Bondarenko 285.4130 January 2021 03:32
Alex M. 455.2530 January 2021 04:05
Powerful !!!
Alex_1955_boy Plus Account865.6430 January 2021 05:37
Like! Waves, splashes rush to the clouds! The color flows evenly from one to the other!
Slavik55 Premium Account341.6830 January 2021 06:47
Antonov5454 123.6230 January 2021 13:43
Vjacheslav Holzakov 124.2931 January 2021 01:59
Very beautiful
Pixel Art 54.7431 January 2021 11:44
Dort, in Vík í Mýrdal geht es stets wild zu.
Wunderbar im Abendlicht zu den Seevögeln passend. Top !
Tsvetkov Aleksandr21 99.8701 February 2021 15:21
Like another planet!
Victor Likhodievsky Viktor Lihodievskiy 62.5701 February 2021 15:35
The power comes from the monitor! Smile  Smile
Aleksander Solarski 42.0009 February 2021 14:12
A wonderful moment, the beauty of photography captured in time. Congratulations.
Alex Mimo 784.1109 February 2021 14:54
Alex Sol, Many thanks! I’m pleased you have enjoyed it.
Tatyana Kulchitskaya Plus Account45.9418 February 2021 06:24
Looks like a serious storm is coming !!!
Alex Mimo 784.1105 March 2021 05:22
Jobove Reus, Thank you for your kind words

Jan 30, 2021 02:48
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