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902... 145...


Elena Steshchanka 53.9802 March 2021 05:28
I have been sitting for several minutes and cannot take my eyes off !!! Really like!!!
Alex M. 455.2502 March 2021 05:32
Prokoshin Vladimir 155.9202 March 2021 05:49
Marat Maks Plus Account294.5002 March 2021 07:30
Great job!
Vladimir Baryshev 62.5502 March 2021 08:21
plot from Star Wars: super  Super
Alex_1955_boy Plus Account865.6402 March 2021 09:16
The wind is felt, the sandy swell and the dunes are singing!
Olga Novikova 76.1502 March 2021 14:40
Cherkasov Oleg 40.3903 March 2021 13:46
like it very much
Pixel Art 54.7403 March 2021 13:52
Eine Aufnahme bei ich länger verweile. Gefällt mir, weil ungewöhnlich und wirkungsvoll.
Tamara Bucharskaja 236.3103 March 2021 17:49
Very impressive work!
Vladimir Bayker 123.7204 March 2021 03:16
Are you laughing ?! You yourself should know, because you are doing collage. Disclosing the essence of such mistakes costs money, and not small ones.
Nikolai Kondakov 384.0405 March 2021 00:54
Ineligible !!!
Slavik55 Premium Account341.6805 March 2021 02:54

Mar 02, 2021 04:38
NIKON D700, 1/320 sec, F/14.0, 200mm, ISO 250, 13.04.2018, Lens: TAMRON SP 70-200mm F2.8 Di VC USD A009N
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