morning in the Carpathians

morning in the Carpathians / ***
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Maksim Veize (Helloween) Pro Account970.3030 March 2021 06:06
yes, it was a good morning like the whole trip Smile : photo  Photo
Tatyana Kulchitskaya Plus Account45.9430 March 2021 06:12
The beauty and grandeur of the mountains! What a huge area covered with snow, not typical of the foothills, in the foreground? Great shot! Impressive !!!
Alex M. 455.2530 March 2021 07:55
This is the angle !!! Cool!
Vjacheslav Holzakov 124.2930 March 2021 09:56
Awesome photo  Photo
P Perunov 168.0230 March 2021 10:58
Great job, great view ...
Olga Novikova 76.1530 March 2021 11:28
it is splendid
Bonina Olga 32.2730 March 2021 12:06
Amazing view!

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