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Natalie Portman

Christian Bale

Matt Damon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Andy García

Lou Doillon

Johnny Depp

Kate Moss

Viggo Mortensen and Isabella Rossellini

River Phoenix

Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange

Iman And David Bowie

James Franco


Jeff Aquilon

Sean Penn

Mariacarla Boscono

Chet Baker

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen

True Blue gets a haircut. Davie, Florida

Javier Bardem

Brooke Shields

Andrew Wyeth

Kate Moss, Marianne Faithfull and Lucie de la Falaise

Leonardo DiCaprio

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Chris Isaac

Robert Evans

Francesco Clemente

River Phoenix and Suzanne Solgot

Christy Turlington


Ian McKellen

Christina Ricci

Bruce Hulse and Talisa Soto

Brian Shimansky

Christina Ricci

Nelson Mandela


Sean Penn

John Hoiland

Jorge and Luciana

Luiza in bed, Rio, 1986

Blog / Antonio A
Plus AccountFeb 23, 2013 13:05


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