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World Press Photo 2014 - 2. Teil
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Aug 05, 2019 06:13

Daily Life , 1st prize singles , Julius Schrank

Daily Life , 2nd prize singles , Andrea Bruce

Daily Life , 3rd prize singles , Julie McGuire

Daily Life , 1st prize stories , Fred Ramos

Daily Life , 2nd prize stories , Tanya Habjouqa

Daily Life , 3rd prize stories , Elena Chernyshova

Daily Life , Honorable mention stories , Jana Asenbrennerova

Observed Portraits , 1st prize singles , Markus Schreiber

Observed Portraits , 2nd prize singles , Rena Effendi

Observed Portraits , 3rd prize singles , Pau Barrena

Observed Portraits , 1st prize stories , Carla Kogelman

Observed Portraits , 2nd prize stories , Peter van Agtmael

Observed Portraits , 3rd prize stories , Rena Effendi

Staged Portraits , 1st prize singles , Brent Stirton

Staged Portraits , 2nd prize singles , Abbie Trayler-Smith

Staged Portraits , 3rd prize singles , Nadav Kander

Staged Portraits , 1st prize stories , Danila Tkachenko

Staged Portraits , 2nd prize stories , Denis Dailleux

Staged Portraits , 3rd prize stories , Nikita Shokhov

Nature , 1st prize singles , Bruno D'Amicis

Nature , 2nd prize singles , Markus Varesvuo

Nature , 3rd prize singles , Shangzhen Fan

Nature , 1st prize stories , Steve Winter

Nature , 2nd prize stories , Kacper Kowalski

Nature , 3rd prize stories , Christian Ziegler

Blog / Fotoblog
Aug 05, 2019 06:13


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